Welcome to Sheilsoft.com, home of the popular Sheilsoft scripts, a collection of photographic and creative photo-art effects, written for Corel's Paint Shop Pro graphics application.

These scripts are files which, when run in Corel Paintshop Pro, automatically apply creative effects to your images. They can therefore be used by beginners, who simply want to make the most of their photos, without the need for in-depth knowledge, or by keen photographers as part of their post processing or creative workflow.

Most of the scripts fall into two categories... traditional darkroom techniques converted to digital darkroom effects, or creative artwork effects. All scripts can be run individually to give a single effect, or in combination with another to add yet more creative flexibility. You can of course 'Undo' at any stage until you get the effect you are after.

To view all the scripts, see sample images, and download the collection, Click here... Paintshop Pro Scripts

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