The Sheilsoft scripts collection is a set of creative scripts for Corel Paintshop Pro.

These scripts offer assorted photographic and creative effects for your digital images. A script is a recorded series of multiple steps utilizing the tools and settings in Paintshop Pro to give a 'one click' option. Most of the scripts have user adjustments allowing control of effect strength. They can be used individually to give the desired effect, or in combination with another script to give unlimited flexibility.

JASC Paint Shop Pro versions 8 & 9 are no longer supported.

Unzip downloaded scripts to...
My Documents/Corel Paintshop Pro/15.0/Scripts-Restricted folder. for PSP X5
My Documents/Corel Paintshop Pro/16.0/Scripts-Restricted folder. for PSP X6

Most scripts assume original image has a resolution of 16 million colours,
and will increase the resolution if it is lower.

Scripts work best on larger images (Width or Height at least 2000 pixels).
Resizing smaller images first will give best results,
particularly on Sketch, Lithograph, and Pen & Ink type scripts.

Ensure any layers on an image are merged (flattened) before running scripts,
and there are no active selections.

NOTE - With version X5, extra textures, gradients, patterns etc, previously included in the main program install (and used by some of my scripts), have to be installed seperately after you have installed the main app. To do this, run the program, then from the top menubar select Help/Corel Guide and from the dialog box that appears, select the tab 'Do More'. From here you can download and install (free) all the extra media, some of which are required by my creative scripts for final texture finish etc.

From version X6, this additional content (textures, gradients, patterns etc), required by some of my scripts, has to be downloaded from the Corel website. After you have registered your program, sign into your Corel account and click on 'Downloads for Members and Subscribers'. You will see a download named 'Creative Content'.Download and install the file.

If you encounter any errors, please first check that you have installed
the latest free PSP updates or patches available here...

Corel Patches & Updates

If you experience any problems with this website, or would like to report a bug or error with our Paintshop Pro scripts, or simply contact me, please email me, and I will try to respond as soon as possible.